When we give with no motive, no payback expected, many unseen forces come into play.

The wonders of our biochemistry produce oxytocin, our love hormone. It supports growth, reduces stress, induces feelings of optimism and strengthens our immune system.

Spiritually, whether your prophet is Mohammed, Jesus, Mother Nature or the Divine Matrix, when you give because it’s who you are, you access the abundance available to all of us through our chosen spiritual source.

There is no better way to create evidence for yourself of how valuable you are, than by contributing to those around you. Become aware of how you feel when you give.

Get addicted to this feeling.

On the flip side, when the motive is to get, none of this happens. The cells in our body are wise to our motives, no oxytocin, no ripple effect. Quietly, unseen doors close and backs turn.

I want to jump up and down, grab these giving-getters and shake them. Saying no no no – you have got it wrong! I know you want success and love and acceptance, but this is not the way.

Don’t give to get, give to give. When you do, all you wish for will come back in ways you cannot see. Maybe not from the person you bestow, in other ways, because of who you are, that’s how it works.

Don’t chase the money. Yes, work hard, dream big, make a profit if that is what you want. Don’t look for the next shiny object or person who you think might pave the way, value those you have in your life right now.

Give because it feels good, give because it does good, give because it creates good.

Who can you give to today, expecting absolutely nothing in return?